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Off-Roading in a Jeep

(We Highly Recommend Staying with Friends)

Excerpts from Beth:
Off Roading in a JeepEver since my phone friendship with Ken began, I knew he had two loves in his life: his children and his Jeep - and it was variable as to which came first. Having never met him before our trip, we were to meet up at a restaurant happy hour with some of his friends. I actually recognized the Jeep in the parking lot before I even met him: a shiny silver beauty with a 4" lift and a bunch of other features that must be really important to Jeep enthusiasts. As it turns out, this particular specimen was actually intended to be his daughter's vehicle, but as she's only 14, Ken is forced to drive it (oh woe is him).

I knew that the 'chix needed to have an adventure in this baby! We left early for a drive into the hills stopping briefly to meet up with friends and procure some snacks. Leaving the paved road, we then wound through the forest on a trail that some would refer to as "washed out" or "impassible."

Off Roading in a JeepI was in awe of the whole experience. The boys would drive up cliffs and into ditches to achieve something cryptically referred to as "articulation." From what I gather, it means ensuring that at least 2 wheels are off the ground and that the slightest breeze could topple the whole thing. The four of them frequently hopped out of the cars to ooh and aah. I think they took about 73 rolls of film ("Look, it's a truck. Look it's another truck! Look, it's the first truck again!!!!").

It's a strange mixture of extreme outdoor sport and destruction of fragile ecosystems with a big cool factor (you get to climb in and out the windows). Give me my hiking boots any day, but at least it's another adventure to check off the agenda of the Roadchix.

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