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World's LARGEST Hercules Beetle

(Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Excerpts from Kristy:
World's LARGEST Hercules BeetleWe know that many of you skipped right to this entry. You're fascinated by the Roadchix penchance for LARGE things. I'm often asked what the attraction is. Why we go out of our way and sometimes go to crazy extremes just to see a giant plastic model of something as unusual as a Hercules Beetle. Read on and see why.

We spotted the Hercules Beetle on one of our favorite web sites, Roadside America, and knew that this was a must see. We woke up early to journey off in search of this giant insect. We found out that the beetle was located in another one of those out of the way places that has you questioning if you're even headed in the right direction. Finally, we crested a hill and were greeted by this giant grinning beetle.

Turning, we traveled down the bumpy side road and were confronted by an endless barbed wired fence.

"No, no, no," I kept thinking. "They can't fence in the beetle. We have to get photographs. The beetle was meant to be one of the high points of the trip!"

On we went and eventually we ran into a break in the fence where there was a gate. But, the gate was locked.

"Looks like our best bet is to climb through the gate," I said to Beth.

"Yeah," she replied, "I was worried we were going to have to climb through the barbed wire fence." (Beth is too cool.)

Climbing throught the Fence to the Hercules BeetleThus, we shimmied through the narrow rails of the gate and traipsed through the tall grasses, dragging our assortment of cameras. The closer we came, the faster we tramped. Drawing up to the beetle, we discovered he towered over us at a height of close to 16 feet. Gloriously detailed with a flat paint, the beetle had a wide grin applied on what we supposed was to be his mouth. So then, we began. The grinning Hercules Beetle is now immortalized in dozens of snapshots of Roadchix film. Grinning cheekily down at us, we canvassed the area around him taking shots from every angle.

Like I said earlier, these kinds of stops last about 20 minutes. But, the joy of such a find lasts all day, all week, and all memory long.

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