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Roadtrip Tips

(Things We Wish We Had Known)

We want to give whoever is reading this some unsolicited advice, because if you actually made it this far, you must be interested. If you decide to go on this trip here are a few tips:

1) Get a AAA membership.

2) If you don't know what to do in a state, stop at the tourist information stops. You'll be amazed what you'll find.

3) If you plan to stay in any major cities, get reservations. It's cheaper and you never know if they're having a convention.

4) Be supportive of your traveling mate(s). You'll be stuck in compact cars, hotel rooms and tourist attractions with the same person. Make sure you're compatible and give each other breathing room, when possible, on the road.

5) Plan. Even if you want to be free like the wind, at least set-up a few points that you want to be at by a set date. You'll waste less time this way.

6) Again, plan, but be flexible. You may think you're going to cover a whole major city in a day, but be reasonable. This is your vacation. It's not fun if it's work.

7) Mail drops are useful. A loved one at home can collect your credit card bills and miscellaneous mail and send it to a set location (one that you'll be at for a few days).

8) If you want to visit a lot of National Parks, get a Golden Eagle Pass. It's $50 for a one year and will get you into any National Park in the United States.

9) If you're going with a friend you trust, get a joint checking account and credit card. Deposit a set amount and use that for expenses. It's way easier than deciding who's paying for what.

10) If you plan to do a lot of camping, get a KOA pass and stay at KOAs, they're great. The KOA pass will get you 10% off of your stay.

11) Never overlook the option of staying with casual friends. Some of the people we stayed with were "friends-of-friends" who we'd never met before, and they ended-up being the greatest hosts. Often their accommodations are nicer than a hotel. Be sure to leave a thank-you gift. Creativity is recommended.

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