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Morrison Ghost Tour

(Morrison, Colorado)

Excerpts from Kristy:
Morrison Ghost TourThe best stops on a trip are usually the ones you stumble across. And this one was no exception. Leaving the Colorado State Capital building in Denver, we went by some brochure stands and tucked in there amidst the botanical gardens and historic homes was a bright yellow flyer for Historically Accurate Walking Tours of Denver. Having some free time that afternoon, we called to see if we could score a tour.

Unfortunately, the man said, "We don't have any tours of LoDo (Lower Denver) left today, but we do have a tour of Morrison tonight. It's a ghost tour."

"Hold on a minute," I replied. "Hey Beth, are you up for a Ghost Tour tonight?"

"I'm game," she replied, grinning.

"Ok," I told the man, "Could you give us some directions?"

The directions seemed simple enough and they ended with. "Meet us by the flagpole, you can't miss it."

"Must be a small town," I thought.

Small indeed. That night, after leaving our hosts' house, we turned off the highway and into the tiny town of Morrison.

"Hmm, I hope we can find the flagpole," I told Beth.

"There it is, " she pointed.

"Not a very big town," I said, "must be a short tour, I mean how many ghost stories could this town have?"

Since we were early, we walked off in search of a bathroom. After locating it in under 10 minutes, we realized that we had covered the entire town.

"This should definitely be interesting," I thought as we walked back to the flagpole.

Our guides were unmistakable, decked out in their western garb. Very tasteful and very unique. When we approached them and introduced ourselves, we discovered that we were the only people on the tour and this was only the second week of Morrison Ghost Tours. They had been giving tours in Denver for over 2 years, but Morrison was a new venue.

And what a tour this turned out to be. There were probably about 15 houses in this town and over a dozen of them had some type of ghost. Not to mention that the locals came out of their bars and houses to watch the tour. Dee and Beaux, our tour guides, were a hoot and they have an interesting story to tell. We heard a bit of this after the tour when we went into one of the haunted bars (one of the many) to have a drink with them.

I can't say enough about how great the tour was, how incredible the guides were and how much fun we had. This is a lesson in always leaving time to tour the things you find along the way.

Beaux and Dee have moved to Wyoming, but three of their students have taken over the tour:

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