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Mesa Verde National Park


Excerpts from Kristy:
Mesa Verde TourI don't know what we were expecting at Mesa Verde. We certainly weren't expecting to be there on the busiest day of the year. Not to mention having to wait 4 hours to go on a tour. But then everything happens for a reason.

For those of you who haven't heard of this National Park, Mesa Verde has an assortment of preserved Anasazi Indian ruins (the cliff-dwelling Indians). The park is phenomenal and it's even more amazing when you learn that there are still dwellings that haven't been discovered. Vegetation has grown over a lot of the entrances, so when there are fires, they discover more dwellings.

We cruised around some of the trails that were open to the public and waited to go on our tour of the Balcony House. The anticipation for this was high, because this was the "adventure" tour out of the three. Apparently, there were 2 ladders to climb and a tunnel to crawl through. Not to mention lots of giant holes and cliffs to fall into and off of.

Our Mesa Verde Park Ranger GuideWe arrived for our tour a little early and that's when Jeremy, a National Park ranger, walked by. Our eyebrows raised and we started hoping and crossing our fingers for him to be our tour guide. Yes, our good karma was in effect and we definitely had the cutest ranger in the park. (Cute guides only enhance the fun.)

The tour was incredible. They drag you down some steep stairs and then through the Indian dwelling. There are some mighty tall ladders and there is indeed a tunnel that you have to crawl through. Not to mention the footholds cut into the rock. We highly recommend this National Park for several reasons. First, it's interactive. Secondly, they do a great job of preserving the park and it's always great to support an organization that does things right. Third, the National Parks need our help, so visit, pay the park entrance fee and donate a little more at the designated spots.

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