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World’s Largest Cheeto
World’s Largest Bull
Mamie Eisenhower Site
Iowa's Largest Frying Pan
Hobo Museum
Laura Ingalls Wilder Site
Spinning Ear of Corn
Squirrel Cage Jail
Largest Bullhead Fish
Giant Cow & Calf
Iowa State Capitol
Field of Dreams
World's Smallest Church
Winnebago Tour
Largest Mallard Duck
Maytag Washer Display
World’s Largest Pocahontas
Birthplace of James T. Kirk
World's Largest Umpire
World's Largest Popcorn Ball
Bily Clock/Dvorak Museum
Coffee Pot Water Tower
Largest Strawberry on a Stick
World’s Largest Grotto
Hoover Birthplace & Library
John Wayne's Birthplace

Roadchix in the Cornfields

(1,358 Miles Through Iowa)

This year's challenge was Kristy's pregnancy. Roadchix went on their 6 day/5 night journey with Kristy 5 months pregnant. Iowa offered up many treasures and we're documenting the most sites ever with this state.
World's Largest Cheeto WORLD'S LARGEST CHEETO
Algona, Iowa
Yes, this is the snack from all of those stories.
Albert the World's Largest BullALBERT - THE WORLD'S LARGEST BULL
Audubon, Iowa

Not only is Albert the World's LARGEST Bull, he talks too.
Mamie Eisenhower's BirthplaceMAMIE EISENHOWER'S BIRTHPLACE
Boone, Iowa
From humble beginnings came this first lady.
World's Largest Frying PanIOWA'S LARGEST FRYING PAN
Brandon, Iowa
Not quite the world's LARGEST, but it's a big one.
Britt, Iowa
Everybody has a museum these days, even the hobos.
Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum - Burr OakLAURA INGALLS WILDER MUSEUM
Burr Oak, Iowa
Little known home of Laura Ingalls Wilder for 2 years..
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Beautiful historic home with the twist of a Tiki Room.
5 Foot Spinning Ear of Corn5 FOOT SPINNING EAR OF CORN
Coon Rapids, Iowa
this is the biggest ear of corn we could find in Iowa .
Council Bluffs, Iowa
A round jail, a revolutionary jail that allowed fewer escapes..
World's Largest Bullhead FishWORLD'S LARGEST BULLHEAD FISH
Crystal Lake, Iowa
You'll never believe the size of this fish .
Giant Cow & CalfGIANT COW & CALF
Des Moines, Iowa
Large mom cow and her baby in the heart of the city .
Des Moines, Iowa

A state is never complete without a visit to the Capitol.
Field of DreamsFIELD OF DREAMS
Dyersville, Iowa
This is the one and only Field of Dreams from the movie .
World's Smallest ChurchWORLD'S SMALLEST CHURCH
Festina, Iowa
There's a bit of controversy about this claim...
Forest City, Iowa

Incredible tour through the construction of a Winnebago.
World's Largest Mallard DuckWORLD'S LARGEST MALLARD DUCK
Mallard, Iowa
One of Iowa's Large animal offerings.
Newton, Iowa
Maytags are still proudly made in Iowa and they have the history to show you.
World's Largest PocahontasWORLD'S LARGEST POCAHONTAS
Pocahontas, Iowa
This beauty welcomes people to the town of Pocahontas.
Future Birthplace of James T. KirkFUTURE BIRTHPLACE OF JAMES T. KIRK
Riverside, Iowa
Star Trek had to start somewhere and this is it .
World's Largest UmpireWORLD'S LARGEST UMPIRE
Ryan, Iowa
A bit out of the way, but worth all of the fuss, it's a giant umpire.
World's Largest Ball of PopcornWORLD'S LARGEST BALL OF POPCORN
Sac City, Iowa
Preserved in plastic wrap, bugs and all.
Bily Clock & Dvorak MuseumBILY CLOCK & DVORAK MUSEUM
Spillville, Iowa
Interesting look back at the thread industry in New England.
World's Largest Coffee Pot and Saucer Water TowersWORLD'S LARGEST COFFEE POT AND SAUCER WATER TOWERS
Stanton, Iowa
Interesting look back at the thread industry in New England.
World's Largest Strawberry on a StickWORLD'S LARGEST STRAWBERRY ON A STICK
Strawberry Point, Iowa
Not quite the world's largest strawberry.
World's Largest GrottoWORLD'S LARGEST GROTTO
West Bend, Iowa
This took a little while to build...
Herbert Hoover Birthplace & Presidential LibraryHERBERT HOOVER BIRTHPLACE & PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY
West Branch, Iowa
One of the best and most comprehensive presidential libraries.
John Wayne's BirthplaceJOHN WAYNE'S BIRTHPLACE
Winterset, Iowa
One of the most popular tourist attractions in Iowa.