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Fellow Travelers

(Other People with Itchy Feet)

Go BIG or Go Home
A mom blogger who truly appreciates the large and unusual that is available for free not just all over the country, but in our own backyards. Follow her adventures as she coerces her family along on the adventure.

Scan the Van
Two Road Trippers in the truest sense of the word. Follow their photos and blogs as they make their way across the United States in a Pop Top Van.

Born in America and raised in Italy, this is the tale of a Travellers discovery and love of the American southwest. Translated from Italian to English!

Marie's World Tour
Marie is a personal heroine of Roadchix, having sold and stored all of her worldly possessions to travel around the world any which way she can without using a plane. You can follow her adventures as she journeys from continent to continent.

Extreme Roadtrip
I stumbled across this one day while I was doing research. Another pair of travelers, only these two pepper their trips with Extreme Adventures.

Adventure Divas
Philip Greenspan, the author of this tale, takes the reader and viewer through the trials of life, traveling, experiencing and of simply living.

Let Me Stay for a Day
He left his home in the Netherlands with a backpack filled with clothing, a digital camera and a mobile phone. He's traveling the world to visit people who invite him over.

The Roadwaves - Women Who Wander
Here's a taste of the Roadwaves: "Why am I here? I'm still trying to answer that one. Let me get back to you. Why a web page? Because it's almost as good as a therapist, narcissist that I am."

The Saraphina Mosey - Republic of Ireland
Drive an antique Italian sportscar to the edge of nowhere, reflect in a 1200 year-old dry-stone oratory, stand in the shadow of a crumbling 15th century castle, learn the fine art of peat-fire building, try publishing at the end of the telecommunications highway, examine a 2000 year-old stone fort, spot a Leprechaun on the Ring of Kerry, stalk puffins on the Skellig Islands, follow a rainbow around Ireland's second highest mountain and discover why a Waterford glass cutter gets paid by the piece.

Chad's Dad dot com
Don't ask who Chad's Dad is, we haven't figured that out ourselves. But as Kim says: "The site is mostly for the sole purpose of our selfishness. It contains photos, stories and witty anecdotes about road trips, overseas trips, day trips etc. So buckle your seat belts. You're in for a bumpy ride."

Our Adventures

Out of the DarknessRoadchix took part in this 26 mile walk for suicide prevention from sundown to sunrise.
Out of the Darkness >>

SkydivingRoadchix and friends discover the joy, fear and adventure of jumping out of a 'perfectly good airplane.'
Jumping out of a Plane >>

Ireland Our first out-of-the-country adventure for Roadchix in the land of dairy, sheep and castles.
Visit the Emerald Isle >>

Roadchix tried to win a Pontiac Vibe for a week.
Visualize the Vibe >>