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(Links to the Hot Spots)

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things to see in each state. If you click on one of the state sections below, you'll find even more hidden treasures.

Go to: Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Iowa | Tennessee | Vermont


Celestial Seasonings - Boulder, Colorado

Order that tea you can never find in your grocery store. Learn more about the tour and factory.

Colorado Territorial Prison Museum - Canon City, Colorado
Everything you ever wanted to know about prisons. A must-see.

Coors Brewing Company - Golden, Colorado
We've been here and taken the tour. Definitely recommended for those of you who think that water is the most important ingredient in beer.

Mesa Verde National Park - Colorado
Where else are you going to get to crawl around through Anasazi ruins on a guided tour?

UFO Watchtower- Hooper, Colorado
Not really out of the way, but not really in the way. There's nothing nearby, and nothing to help us point you on the way. But, if you ever stumble across an alien sign pointing to a watchtower this is a definite must-see.


Barnum Museum - Bridgeport, Connecticut
A museum about the greatest show on earth and the man behind one of the largest circuses ever in the United States.

Gillette Castle - East Haddam, Connecticut
Journey through the home of a creative genius and see a beautiful view of the 'countryside' of Connecticut.

Knights of Columbus Museum - New Haven, Connecticut
Who knew they had a museum. This is one of the most well-funded and beautiful museums we've seen.

Niantic Book Barn - Niantic, Connecticut
A bibliophile's dream with buildings and buildings of used books on every conceivable subject.

Stew Leonard's - Danbury, Connecticut
The World's LARGEST Dairy store. If you can't pass up the World's LARGEST anything, then this is the place for you.


Delaware State Police Museum
With a real live recreated crime scene, you can solve a mystery yourself!

Johnson Victrola Museum
With countless Nipper the Dog artifacts and the complete history of victrolas this is a great stop in Dover.

The Lewes Historical Society
Twelve historical buildings that including the Cannonball House are offered in this historic, beautiful little waterside town.

Home of THE Duponts of Delaware. There's enough to do here to spend an entire day.

Zwaanendall Museum
They have one of the original Fiji Merman from the old Barnum gag here. Do you really need another reason to visit?


Bily Clocks & Dvorak Museum
Exquisite hand-carved clocks, not something you'd expect to find in this little town. For a bonus the history of Dvorak's summer visit to Iowa.

Part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's homes. Worth a stop just to see the Tiki room.

Field of Dreams
There's a contentious battle between the two owners of the Field of Dreams and this is one of the sites, but this will give you enough information to get there.

Grotto of the Redemption
A beautiful piece of work that is hard to describe, but worthy of a stop and see.

Hobo Museum
The only museum of its kind in the United States, which will give you a whole new appreciation for the difference between hobo and vagrant.

Herbert Hoover Library and Museum
One of the most informative and interesting presidential museums tracing Hoover's life from beginning to end, not just during his disastrous presidency.

John Wayne's Birthplace
One of the most popular tourist attractions in Iowa. We don't need to tell you why to visit, just get there early.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum
Out of the way in northern Iowa this is a gem of a museum detailing a little known part of Wilder's life.

Mamie Eisenhower's Birthplace
If you like presidential homes, then you should stop, but otherwise, don't go out of your way.

Maytag Washer Display
You have to go through a good part of the museum to get to this, but what a display. If you want to know about all things Maytag go here.

Squirrel Cage Jail
Quite the innovative jail of it's day, this is a must-see just for the novelty.


Graceland - Memphis, Tennessee
Home of all things Elvis that are funky and shag. If you're an Elvis fan, do we really even have to encourage you to see this?

Grand Ole Opry Museum - Nashville, Tennessee
Who knew that there was a museum at the Grand Ole Opry and better yet a good one? Learn all about the history of country music.

Jack Daniels Distillery - Lynchburg, Tennessee
Even if you can only sniff (it's a dry county!), the tour is first class and worth it- even if it's a little out of the way.

Peabody Ducks - Memphis, Tennessee
A little not-so-hidden gem in Memphis. Watch these highly-trained ducks march off of the elevator and into a fountain.

Pigeon Forge - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Home of the Carbo Smokey Mountain Police Museum and the world's LARGEST knife collection - and this is just the tip of the roadside attraction iceberg!

Sun Studio - Memphis, Tennessee
Where Elvis got his start and where Johnny Cash recorded. This is a tour rich with Memphis recording star stories.

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame - Knoxville, Tennessee
A huge and beautiful museum within walking distance of downtown Knoxville Totally worth the stop.


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - Waterbury, Vermont
Everybody knows about Ben & Jerry's and their factory tour. Stop here for directions, or to see the discontinued flavors in the flavor graveyard.

Lake Champlain Chocolates- Burlington, Vermont
Third tier chocolate (we'd explain, but we want you to take the tour too). Another great find where the entire tour takes place in one spot.

Magic Hat Brewing Company - South Burlington, Vermont
Very artistically cool site. Learn about beer and buy cool T-shirts. (But buy our shirts first!)

Vermont Soapworks - Middlebury, Vermont
Natural soap for every skin type. Still made entirely by hand. Take the tour (and tell us how it was, we missed it.)

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory - Shelburne, Vermont
The place where Vermont Teddy Bears are born. Watch the entire process and of course purchase bears. The site offers endless combinations and reasons for purchasing one of these fuzzy friends.


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