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Friends of the Roadchix

(All Sorts of Sites)

Hygiene Chronicles
Steve is better known for his blog and reality tv updates that are all things funny and snarky. Drop in for a laugh and be prepared to be rolling on the floor shortly thereafter.

Megan & Michael
Less than a week after getting married, Megan and Michael embarked on a journey around the globe. Teaching English on different continents, learning about different cultures and exploring the world.

Theta Bikers
A 3-week motorcycle trip from Boston to Los Angeles. The site features a calendar of stops to hit, scheduled and proposed trips, completed and canceled trips, and of course, scads of details about their bikes.

Marcus Travels
For everyone who loves to travel and loves to eat, you've come to the right place. It's a work in progress, but isn't every site? Come inside for a little 'Southern Comfort'.

Jim's Australia, New Zealand Adventure
"Since life is a journey, why not make it one." -JI. Jim has over a 1,000 pictures in his private cache from his journeys and has just started posting them online.

Road Food
A site dedicated exclusively to finding the most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America.

Ken - One of Our Colorado Hosts
Ken has two great loves in his life, his children and his jeep. If you want to see every possible situation that his jeep could be in from every angle, then this is the site for you. Disclaimer: Jeep Lovers Beware, you will want to buy one after viewing this site.

Tacky Treasures
We're particularly fond of the section on the huge President's Heads and the controversy surrounding them. What's a tacky, gigantic statue for if not to stir up some trouble? The other parts of the site highlight and glorify all delightfully tacky things.

Leroy Brown
"I buy my cheese online, doesn't everybody?" Just a taste of Steve's odd sense of humor that pervades the site. Endless things to see that can't really be placed in any category.

Our Adventures

Out of the DarknessRoadchix took part in this 26 mile walk for suicide prevention from sundown to sunrise.
Out of the Darkness >>

SkydivingRoadchix and friends discover the joy, fear and adventure of jumping out of a 'perfectly good airplane.'
Jumping out of a Plane >>

Ireland Our first out-of-the-country adventure for Roadchix in the land of dairy, sheep and castles.
Visit the Emerald Isle >>

Roadchix tried to win a Pontiac Vibe for a week.
Visualize the Vibe >>