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(Here's Where to Find the Wackiness)

Roadside America
One of our favorite and most perused sites on the web. Ever want to see where the World's LARGEST ear of corn is? Or see what oddities are within a 20 mile radius of your life? This site will tell you. Everything strange and unusual in the United States eventually finds its way onto Roadside America.

Branson Shows
Roadchix loves a good roadside attraction or two, but how about a whole city chock full of the unusual and the odd? Everything from the Osmonds to Elvis to Lost in the Fifties. A future stop for Roadchix.

The Squished Penny Museum
Located in Roadchick K's home base of Washington D.C., the Squished Penny Museum is an actual museum featuring none other than pennies with a designed squished on them. (No, not flattened on a railroad track, those are squashed pennies.)

The World Carrot Museum
A web-only based site, but another gem. From someone as farcically funny as the above-mentioned sites. This site highlights, well, I think you can figure that out on your own.

Watch It Made in York, PA
York touts itself as the Factory Tour Capital of the World and they have enough factory tours to last the average tourist a few weeks. Watch for the annual events, in which dozens of factories get together for a four day dose of "Watch It Made in York, PA."

World's Largest Roadside Attractions
If it's large and somehow a cousin of plastic, colored with a flat paint and littering the countryside of America then it's on this site. From giant pencils to pineapples, this site has it.

Peak Adventures
Peak intends to become the premier provider of Adventure sport and travel experiences to business executives and adventure seekers worldwide.

Our Adventures

Out of the DarknessRoadchix took part in this 26 mile walk for suicide prevention from sundown to sunrise.
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SkydivingRoadchix and friends discover the joy, fear and adventure of jumping out of a 'perfectly good airplane.'
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Ireland Our first out-of-the-country adventure for Roadchix in the land of dairy, sheep and castles.
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Roadchix tried to win a Pontiac Vibe for a week.
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