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DC Scavenger Hunt

(Wacky Wanderings in Washington)

1st Place - Cadillac RanchOn May 4th, 2002, which turned out to be a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Roadchix hosted our first Scavenger Hunt and it was a rousing success. 39 people participated for a total of 13 teams. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, Beth wasn't able to make it to the Hunt, but we'd like to give Terry, Kristy's brother, 2 Roadchix thumbs up for doing an amazing job helping out.

The idea behind the Hunt was to show some of the more unusual hidden aspects of Washington, D.C. that aren't on your everyday tourist map. We gave each team a list of clues to 19 different locations. Of these, at least one team went to 17 of the stops. Once at the stop, a team took a picture of one of their team members at the item in question. 2nd Place - Zero MarkersWe provided each team with a Polaroid Izone camera which they were able to keep at the end of the day. Each stop was worth a particular point value based on the difficulty of getting there. The first team back to the starting point with 100 points won.

In just under 1 hour and 45 minutes the winning team, Cadillac Ranch, came racing back to Teaism. We asked each team to name themselves after a Roadside Attraction and below are the results of the day. We have asked the teams to write a brief story of their adventures and to send us their photos. In the next week or two you will be able to click on the teams and read about their Scavenger Hunt Journey.

3rd Place - Planet Wayside4th Place - Sunshine Miners
5th Place - Johnny Depp Hollywood Star6th Place - South of the Border Pedro
7th Place - Largest Ball of Twine8th Place - Jackalopes
9th Place - Precious Moments Chapel10th Place - Graceland
11th Place - Greek Spongers12th Place - Flintstone Bedrock City