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Boston Scavenger Hunt

(Blazing Through Boston)

World's Largest PeanutsWe must have good weather karma, because a day that was supposed to be burdened with rain from Hurricane Isadore turned out to be gloriously sunny and cool. The perfect weather for the Second Roadchix Scavenger Hunt.

On Saturday, September 28th we organized another crazy Hunt for the wacky and unusual, only this time in Boston. Teams "blazed" through the city in search of the perfect photographic view of some of the wackier places in Boston. Similar to the last Hunt, there were 20 places with different point values. The goal of the Hunt was to accumulate 100 points by taking pictures at various spots around the city based on the riddles that Roadchix supplied to the teams.

Atomic TourOur winning team, the 'World's Largest Peanut', raced back in the door in just over 1 hour and 35 minutes. As we did last time, we asked every team to name themselves after a roadside attraction. Below are the results:

Pro Bowlers Hall of FameHooker Street
The Liberty LadiesThe Big Blue Bugs
The Maine Bathtub