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Peabody Ducks

(People Watching Extraordinaire)

Excerpts from Kristy:
On the Way to the Peabody DucksWe were told about this attraction before we even started to really research Tennessee, and we actually only found one reference to it. We read that the ducks live on the roof (Penthouse) of the Peabody Hotel, one of the best hotels in the city of Memphis. Every day at 11 am and 5 pm the ducks get on the elevator and ride down to the Lobby, where a red carpet is rolled out for them. They then proceed to march down the carpet and swim around the Lobby Fountain. The guide book said to arrive an hour early for the best view.

We arrived 50 minutes early and couldn't figure out why the book said to arrive so early. There were a few people sitting around the fountain, but certainly no organized gathering. So we sat down on the couch and made ourselves comfortable. Bad move. Soon, people started to trickle into the lobby and before we knew it there was a flood of people. They lined the path from the elevator to the fountain and we couldn't even begin to get close enough to see anything.

Where are the Ducks?We thought that surely more people couldn't arrive, but they did. I think the entire city of Memphis and every single tourist came to witness these trained ducks. We shortly climbed up the stairs to the second level in hopes of getting a better view. The view still wasn't great of the ducks, but the view of the people was unbelievable. Adults jostling with children, parents shoving their children to the front and everyone holding their breath in anticipation when the elevator doors slid open.

We did finally see the ducks. They didn't really march so much as run and then they spent the majority of their time trying to avoid grasping human hands as they swam around the fountain. All in all we decided that the people were more of an exhibit than the ducks.

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